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Camping Gear List:


A) Warm Weather Personal Camping Gear List (temps 60 degrees and above):


Class B-Troop’s T shirt

Camping backpack (troop has extra)

Rope, 20 feet

Sleeping pad (optional)

Sleeping bag (troop has extra or a thin blanket can be used instead)


Extra set of clothes, socks

Flashlight and extra batteries



Knit hat (you’ll be surprised that it would be helpful sometimes even in mid summer)

Hat, wide brimmed

Sun block

Bug spray

Hygiene items (tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, comb, wash cloth, hand soap, hand sanitizer)


Pocket knife

Trash bag (to carry out your own trash)

Mess kit/cup/spoon/fork/knife

Water filter bottle (if you have one) or canteen

Hiking boots/shoes

Camp shoes (sneakers are good)


Personal First Aid Kit

Trail mix/snack (protein based)

Notebook, pen/pencil


Optional items depending on activity (e.g., summer camp):

Class A uniform

Swimming trunks


Tarp (9”x12”)


B) Cold Weather Personal Camping Gear list:


All items above in the A list

Wool or thermal  socks

Thermal long underwear


Gloves/mittens (bring extra pair)

Fleece or wool blanket


C) Troop’s Camping Gear which will be assigned to Scouts:



Ground cloths


Cooking utensils


Tarps (troop has a few for troop’s use and may not have enough to assign)

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